Talks, slides, materials

Below are slides I prepared for talks with different audiences from young adults in high school to adults attending an ‘after-dark’ series at a museum. You can view and download the files for your reference.  

#DamOrNot: Bridging Science and Current Affairs through an Educational Twitter Game is a talk I gave at the 5th European Congress of Conservation Biology in a session about communicating science and engagement with science through different media.

Connected Waters: Our Aquatic Ecosystems in a Changing World is a talk I gave at an ‘after-dark’ event called ‘Dippy in Depth – Can We Escape Extinction?’. The event was hosted by Ulster Museum, Belfast and Northern Ireland Science Festival (2018). This was a series of talks focused on themes of Water, Earth, and Air. I presented in the ‘Water’ theme, and you find a recording of my talk here.

Conservation Science: Research and Opportunities to Engage in Policy and Decision Making is a talk I gave to undergraduate students attending the British Ecological Society Summer School (2015). The focus was on both my own experiences as well as opportunities for students to get involved in broader education, engagement and policy initiatives.

What I do as a Conservation Scientist is a talk I gave to year 10 students (aged 14-15) at Coombeshead Academy in Devon, UK (2015) about my own career and the work of others in environmental science and conservation.