I am an interdisciplinary researcher applying methodologies and methods from art-science, art-environment, environmental studies, spatial science, and poetry to better understand and communicate about our aquatic ecosystems and the species (including Homo sapiens) that depend on them. You can access my peer-reviewed articles, essays, reviews, and book chapters via Google Scholar.

My current research interests include:

  • Art & Science, Art & Environment, Poetics
  • Conservation Decision Science, Expert Elicitation
  • Environmental Studies, Relationships with Rivers
  • Participatory Research, Creative Practice
  • Transdisciplinarity, Experimental Methodologies

Recent peer-reviewed articles and essays:

Whittemore et al. (2020) A participatory science approach to expanding instream infrastructure inventories, Earth’s Future, e2020EF001558 (Open Access)

Januchowski-Hartley et al. (2020) Underwater in An A to Z of Shadow Places Concepts (Open Access)

Januchowski-Hartley et al. (2020) Small instream infrastructure: Comparative methods and evidence of environmental and ecological responses, Ecol Solut Evid, 1:e12026 (Open Access)

Lennox et al. (2019) One hundred pressing questions on the future of global fish migration science, conservation, and policy Front Ecol Evol, (Open Access)