Media Coverage

Below is a list with links to media that have featured our projects

Feb’ 17: Using Twitter Hashtags for Science Education: I was interviewed for an article written by David Shiffman in American Scientist about my educational project called #DamOrNot, which I use to teach people about the impacts of infrastructure like dams and roads on freshwater ecosystems via the social media platform Twitter.

Oct’ 14: UN biodiversity report highlights failure to meet conservation targets: The Guardian featured an article on the Global Biodiversity Outlook 4 (GBO4). I was a major contributor to the GBO4 with regards to freshwater conservation. 

Jan’ 14: Riverine restoration project with landholders in central Australia showcased in University of Canberra, Institute for Applied Ecology’s  Annual Report. See water section for summary.

Oct ’13: Study wants to put freshwater biodiversity on the policy map: Center for Limnology, University of Wisconsin-Madison October 16, 2013. Spotlights our research on freshwater biodiversity and future land use change in the United States.

June ’13: Study maps Great Lakes Basin stream barriers; road crossings more abundant than dams: Environmental Monitor highlighted my research on barriers to fish migration in the North American Great Lakes Basin.