Media Coverage

Below is a list with links to media that have featured our projects

Sept ’19: Fire in the Hole! Article published in Soundboard Magazine – a local publication distributed in and around Swansea. The article is written by Rose Davies, and is about FIRE Lab and our ongoing collaboration with Rose creating art-science works along the River Tawe in West Wales. 

Nov ’18: UW Researcher Promotes Use Of Poetry In Science Bethann Garramon Merkle, project co-author, was interviewed about our paper on Poetry as a Creative Practice to Enhance Engagement and Learning in Conservation Science published in Bioscience. 

Oct ’18: The next time you want to explain something complicated, write a haiku instead Our work on science-poetry, and opportunities to grow science–poetry projects was highlighted by Quartz Magazine in their ‘Quartz at Work’ section, which included several links to scientists’ haiku shared on social media platform, Twitter. The original article was published in Bioscience.

Oct ’17: 10 Great Science Hashtag Games You Can Play An article about different science hashtag games, including #DamOrNot, which is a Twitter game I started in 2016. The game aims to raise awareness about dams and other built infrastructure in aquatic ecosystems, the changes these can have on ecosystems, and reasons why we build them, and the socio-political elements of built infrastructure, particularly large dams. 

Feb ’17: Using Twitter Hashtags for Science Education I was interviewed for an article written by David Shiffman in American Scientist about my educational project called #DamOrNot, which I use to teach people about the impacts of infrastructure like dams and roads on freshwater ecosystems via the social media platform Twitter.

Oct ’14: UN biodiversity report highlights failure to meet conservation targets The Guardian featured an article on the Global Biodiversity Outlook 4 (GBO4). I was a major contributor to the GBO4 with regards to freshwater conservation. 

Jan ’14: Riverine restoration project with landholders in central Australia showcased in University of Canberra, Institute for Applied Ecology’s Annual Report. See water section for summary.

Oct ’13: Study wants to put freshwater biodiversity on the policy map Center for Limnology, University of Wisconsin-Madison October 16, 2013. Spotlights our research on freshwater biodiversity and future land use change in the United States.

June ’13: Study maps Great Lakes Basin stream barriers; road crossings more abundant than dams Environmental Monitor highlighted my research on barriers to fish migration in the North American Great Lakes Basin.