About Me

I am motivated to solve pressing global conservation problems. I grew up in Michigan, USA, near the shores of Lake Michigan, and studied the lands and waters there until 2006. As a dedicated researcher and educator, over the last decade I have traveled the world conducting scientific research to improve our understanding about the natural world, and about the relationships between humans and nature. I also communicate and share stories about science, conservation and nature, and do this through diverse mediums including haiku and other poetry forms, sketching and drawing, photography and macro & micro blogging. I share stories about my own as well as others’ research through in-person and online webinars for schools and communities. 

Site 11 Liilte Mulgrave-36At Laboratoire Evolution et Diversité Biologique at Université Paul Sabatier, I am evaluating impacts of dams, weirs and roads on freshwater fish distribution and community composition. To learn more, you can download my CV, click here to view my Google Scholar Profile, follow me on ResearchGate, or contact me by email at: stephierenee(at)gmail(dot)com

Current Academic Service ~ 

Society for Conservation Biology Freshwater Working Group President and European Section Board Member ~ Journal of Applied Ecology Associate Editor ~ British Ecological Society Women in Ecology Mentor for 2016-2017

If you are interested in learning more about the societies or opportunities above, please email me.