About Me

I am an environmental scientist, writer, and artist motivated to understand aquatic ecosystems. I grew up in Michigan, USA, near the shores of Lake Michigan, and studied the waters and lands there until 2006. As a dedicated researcher and educator, over the last decade I have worked to better our understanding of the natural world and the diverse relationships that exist between humans and nature. I communicate and share stories about my own as well as others’ experiences with our natural environment, and do this through diverse mediums including poetry, sketching, photography, and blogging. 

I am currently a Sêr Cymru Fellow at Swansea University, where I direct the Freshwater Interdisciplinary Research and Engagement Lab (FIRE Lab) that specialises in interdisciplinary approaches to understanding freshwater ecosystems. I am also Associate Editor for British Ecological Society’s Journal of Applied Ecology and People and Nature. If you are interested in knowing more about either of these journals, and related opportunities, please feel free to contact me. 

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