Back in late 2015 I started drawing and sketching again. I hadn’t sketched since, oh, about 1994… when I was an art student. But the truth is that I LOVE FISH, and I love them so much so that I wanted to start sharing my love for these scaly animals with others! So, I started sketching and drawing some of the fishes that are most interesting to me; some freshwater fishes of Australia. I shared the drawings on social media, and soon, others took interest in the drawings and I started taking requests, sharing my drawings on the well-named “#FishyFriday” on Twitter. I always pair the drawings with fun or interesting facts about each of the fish species; things such as highlighting the similarity of one fishes’ fin to a Mohawk and so on. I tend to share the original sketches on social media with just a few slight digital manipulations to overcome lighting challenges etc. I also use different software to more significantly digitally manipulate the sketches to make mini-comics and characters for presentations and articles that I write. I’ve shared a select set of both my original and digital fishy-art here, and also welcome requests and commissions. Email me at stephierenee(at)gmail(dot)com.