Blog Posts

Below are blog posts that I have written about my projects and interests as a scientist, writer, and artist. These are in addition to posts that myself and colleagues share every fortnight via the FIRE Lab Blog

Guest Blogger for Real Scientists: Be free, break lines and rhymes to communicate your science. In this post I share about my experiences as a science-poet, and about projects integrating science and poetry to enhance communication about complex topics. 

Art by Hannah Dean.

Invited Guest Blogger for Fisheries Blog: Neighbourhood watch: rising threats to freshwater fishes. The article is about my research, which determined changes in land use by the year 2051 within freshwater fish species’ distribution ranges. The research focused on fishes with small ranges that live in the United States, and the blog post suggested a neighbourhood watch program to monitor the status of these fishes!  

Invited Guest Blogger for Fisheries Blog: Why didn’t the fish cross under the road? The article is about roads and their impacts on freshwater ecosystems and fishes, and offers readers a different perspective about roads their impacts on nature!

Invited Guest Blogger for Center for Limnology: School Visit Focuses on Fish Migration. The article is about my visit and experiences at Erskine Stewart’s Melville Primary School where I talked with students about World Fish Migration Day and migratory fishes and rivers around the world.