bio and cv

I was born on the lands and waters of the Pokagon (Pokégnek) Band of Potawatomi (Bodéwadmik) in Michigan, USA. In addition and prior to studying and research, I have worked in a variety of roles ranging from ploughing snow, landscaping and designing gardens and distributing plants to managing a restaurant and serving coffees in at least a half-dozen cafes and venues. I studied at Grand Valley State University and also assisted research, practice, and decision making related to water resources, agroecology, and soil-water sustainability in the region for nearly six years. I then moved to Queensland, Australia and completed my PhD at James Cook University on the lands and waters of the Bindal and Wulgurukaba People. In the last decade, I have integrated my research, engagement, and learning approaches and now work with an interdisciplinary team, both with FIRE Lab and others, to better understand how people perceive and relate to, as well as engage with, our freshwater ecosystems. I am currently a research fellow at Swansea University in Wales. In Great Britain, collaborators and I also lead research with links to ongoing work by Severn Rivers Trust and Environment Agency, where our team takes an interdisciplinary perspective to better understand where instream infrastructure occur and the impacts on freshwater fishes as well as people’s knowledge and perceptions about removal and remediation of these structures. I am also a student at the Poetry School, and I write poems about our environment, with focus on writing up my work on River Tawe Walks and developing my erasure and found poem techniques.

* The photo is a coelacanth and me at SAIAB, Makhanda (Grahamstown), South Africa when I was a visiting researcher.

S R Januchowski-Hartley CV